I Hope Rush Succeeds

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Never envisioned myself writing a sentence like this but I hope Rush Limbaugh succeeds. Yep, I hope he spreads his vile as far and wide as he possibly can through his EIB (Extremely Ignorant Broadcast) network. Through his outreach, even more Americans will come to know the absurdity of Limbaugh’s politics and the conservatives he continues to represent on the radical right. The more people that hear Limbaugh articulate his disdain for the success of America the better will be the country’s chances of rejecting his hateful ideology and getting back on the path to prosperity.

As one sided as that paragraph sounds, I think it’s time to start using some of the same tools that people like entertainer Limbaugh deploy to make their points; except I’m going to avoid hypocrisy and oxycontin since every second grader knows those two combined are bad for both the soul and the body. But what if the president who just left the White House (I’m through writing his name) were to propose a financial solution for solving the financial crisis and then Keith Olbermann went on the air and said, “Mr. President, I hope you fail.” Everyone knows what would happen: conservatives of all ilk and Republicans would be screaming “treason” and the FOX Ruse headlines would be, “Democrats Don’t Want America to Come out of Economic Crisis.” Steve Dorky or their morning show would be asking over and over, “How can we let people say this? I mean, I realize we are a free country and everything but isn’t there a line that’s being crossed here? Don’t we all want America to succeed?”

That’s what I used to think. But Rush apparently wants us to fail, go right down the old crapper. He never said anything even remotely close to this when the previous president (so tired of having to even think about that guy) gave blank checks to Wall Street to save the big financial institutions from collapse. That was different. That guy was a Republican. He had the interests of the nation at heart, (and probably the interests of Rush’s investment portfolio.) But the new president it seems is a socialist, even though he’s doing pretty much what the previous president was doing; except he’s including individual taxpayers and homeowners in the recovery package. Is that what makes it all socialist, Rush, just including the little guy?

Man, I hope you succeed. And I hope your angry voice and cigar-smoking mug become the profile and the sound of the Republican Party for the next four years. Whenever anyone thinks about the GOP I hope they can’t help but see your round puss with a long Montecristo Cuban sticking out of it as you stand at the tee box in your private golf course or board your private jet or waltz around the grounds of your mansion in West Palm and they realize you are the ideologue that guides conservative thinking. And every solitary time there is a person who wonders what the GOP might do differently or better, I hope all that individual hears in their ears is the sound, “I hope the president fails.”

The problem with guys like you Rush is that you never think anyone can see through your contradictions and your hypocrisy. When the little taxpayers’ money was being used for the Wall Street bailout by the last president, there wasn’t much of a protest over there on Easy Street where you live. We had to protect the economy. But as soon as the assistance started to include the little guy, you were outraged. I say stay angry, pal. Keep the outrage working. Moan and whine and wish ill on the president and his attempts to get our country out of a nosedive. Tell everyone you can what you think and why you want him to fail. The ragtag band of Republicans that the previous president (oh crap, I have to think about him for a last sentence) bequeathed the conservative movement needs a leader. You’re perfect. Angry. Rich. And loud. You can steer that party anywhere you want.

And, at the moment, I’d say you’re leading them further into the wilderness.

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  • Jack Holt

    Ha! The previous pres has become…a parenthetic.

    And, Jim, overall, ICAM.

  • Greg Beatty

    The really astounding thing about this is that the word “Traitor!” isn’t being shouted from every rooftop. But then, us squishy liberals have always been too quiet for our own good, haven’t we?

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