Adios Mofo

“Don’t put off buying “Adios Mofo” because Rick Perry is going to have it banned. In fact, Guv’na Perry will likely hold a public book burning to deny America the blessing of reading this irreverent, funny and factual look at his life and world. Jason Stanford and James Moore have brought together years of tracking Texas politicians, what must be damn fine public school educations and their God-given, genetically pre-disposed, Southern birthright of storytelling to give us “Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry will Make America Miss George Bush.” It’s a must read for every American, over 21, who wants to better understand the forces, be they reactionary or just a good tail wind of mediocrity, that inspire, mold and inform leaders like Perry. “Adios Mofo” tells it like it is, with gusto, humor and confidence. Read it. You’ll be glad you did.” – Burns Strider is founder of Eleison, LLC and The American Values Network

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