Writin’, Runnin’, and Bloggin’

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There is a difference between blogging and writing and my motivation has often disappeared within that gap. I like writing, which I consider a careful construction of sentences using words that uniquely and elegantly communicate. Blogging, to me, is akin to simply thinking out loud. I make no judgment on the relative value of either but I am drawn to good writing, and I want to be someone who is known for writing well and affecting people who read my work. Don’t ask me why that matters to me because I don’t know. I don’t think any writer does know.

But that means my web site is not very active because I am taking much too long to compose and revise pieces until I am ready to post. I won’t ever be able to stop doing that but what I am hoping (yet again) to do is to become a blogger. I need to post almost daily because I am never short of things to say. I just take too long to say them. And I won’t be able to change that habit. However, I am determined to post more regularly, even daily, as a blogger. I hope to still publish my writing here but the blogs will be my thinking.

And there’s no shortage of things to blog about, obviously. I watch politics and literature and sport closely and know those subjects intimately through personal experience and journalism. Generally, I’m not lacking in opinion on anything that is making news and I need to exercise my background and experience to yak here a bit more frequently, if not prolifically. My transparent goal is to get people checking in here every day and asking, “I wonder what in the hell that Moore guy thinks about this crap.”

Of course, it’s not always crap. Politics often is, sure, but there are great books and inspiring athletes and westbound motorcycle rides and hikes and runs and business wins and good wine and old and new friends. (Also, run-on sentences.)

A Far, Far Different Man

So here’s something to inspire or depress you as you watch the Olympics. Every jogger out there who is going to step up their training as a result of the games, consider the talent of Kenenesia Bekele of Ethiopia. Indoors, on a banked wooden track, Bekele ran a world record two mile in 8:04, which is an absurd 4:02 per mile, 60.5 seconds per quarter mile. Bekele’s world record in the 10,000 meters (6.2 miles) is so fast that he averages about 65 seconds every quarter mile for 25 consecutive quarter miles. Bekele may be the greatest distance runner in the history of humankind.

And you probably didn’t even know who he was.

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