When Ya Cross That Ol’ Red River, Hoss

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We had our State of the State speech down here in Texas on Tuesday. That’s kind of like the President’s State of the Union address to Congress. Except ours is given by Rick Perry. So, it’s more like the state of what a really odd man thinks about what’s going on in Texas.

And apparently everything’s perfect.

Unlike in the rest of America, nobody is poor. Or hungry. And our kids are all getting a great education even after $5.4 billion was cut from school funding. Be like us, America! The Tea Party types that Perry speaks for are still trying to undo public schools with a voucher program to allow students to jump districts or use their state funds allowance on a private school. But this nonsense is no longer called vouchers; it’s now a “scholarship program.” Nice little semantic maneuver but the same old scam that will recreate economic and ethnic segregation in Texas public schools.

“A house built for giants but inhabited by midgets.”

Hell, we don’t even need health care from the federal government that even the crazy political leadership of Arizona has decided is a good idea. Governor Perry said there’s no way Texas will get wrapped up in giving health care to another 1.2 million people under Medicaid expansion, even if it would only cost the state 200 dollars a person per year. One expert says about 5000 people will die as a result of Perry’s obstinance. Also, he has no idea the number of women losing pre-natal care because he and his conservative legislature have removed state money from clinics that even talk to Planned Parenthood.

Gun control isn’t even an issue in Texas since the governor didn’t bring it up. Certainly won’t be any bills introduced in the current legislature that will do anything about gun dangers in Texas because they don’t exist here.

The subject of the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) was also missing from the governor’s text. Not a big surprise since so many of his campaign donors are benefitting from the hundreds of millions of dollars being given away without appropriate scientific or business scrutiny. While the governor was at the podium the Houston Chronicle was reporting that one idea presented to CPRIT was granted $25 million dollars without review and went bankrupt without ever opening its doors. That’s a reasonable use of tax money, no? The governor says it’s all about “wealth creation.” Inspiring leadership, that.

Texas is supposed to have $11.4 billion in surplus at the end of the next two years. And Perry wants to give some back to taxpayers. Not use it on better schools and rehiring some of the 11,487 teachers who got fired under his budget cuts. Nor would he ever consider spending that money on mental health care. Or state parks that are falling down and in disrepair. Rick Perry just wants everyone in the Tea Party to hear him talk about giving back tax money. The idea is to cut taxes and cut spending simply for the sake of cutting taxes and spending; not to provide needed services.

But it’s not going to help his delusional political dream. Sixty two percent of Texans say he should not run for reelection as governor and the same poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, almost 8 out of 10 say he needs to not embarrass himself or Texas with another presidential run.

Takes a while, but we eventually catch on in Texas.

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  • Myra

    You go boy! You are a brave voice!

  • Lynne

    I was observing roughly the same thing, Jim. You just said it more eloquently than I would have. Perry is a fool. Thank heavens more people are finally seeing that our governor has no clothes!

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