Books By James Moore

Adios Mofo

“Don’t put off buying “Adios Mofo” because Rick Perry is going to have it banned. In fact, Guv’na Perry will likely hold a public book burning to deny America the blessing of reading this irreverent, funny and factual look at his life and world. Jason Stanford and James Moore have brought together years of tracking Texas politicians, what must be damn fine public school educations and their God-given, genetically pre-disposed, Southern birthright of storytelling to give us “Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry will Make America Miss George Bush.” It’s a must read for every American, over 21, who wants to better understand the forces, be they reactionary or just a good tail wind of mediocrity, that inspire, mold and inform leaders like Perry. “Adios Mofo” tells it like it is, with gusto, humor and confidence. Read it. You’ll be glad you did.” – Burns Strider is founder of Eleison, LLC and The American Values Network

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In The Time of Man

From the Dogon Tribal villages along the Great Bend of the Niger River, to the glassy towers and glamorous lives of the American Southwest, “In the Time of Man” is a story of people confronting both the history and the fate of humanity. A reporter and two scientists are determined to prove that another intelligence has been operating on planet Earth since the beginning of mankind’s evolution. Humans have received external help to make it into the new millenium and there are clues there is more intervention underway as a result of a failure to manage the world’s resources. Cattle are being mysteriously mutilated, people are growing inexplicably ill, and researchers trying to understand these phenomena are being threatened by a government that might just be facilitating a culling of the planet’s population. Telling the truth is dangerous and love and sex can be fatal. But who is responsible for the present plagues of our world and how can they be stopped? “In the Time of Man” explores the facts behind the theory that ancient aliens have guided humanity to its current station and that they are still engaged in determining our destiny. The essential question asked by this story is what will we know before we meet our fate? A Nobel Laureate, a decorated female TV news correspondent, and a renegade researcher all race to discover the truth and share it with the world before they are silenced, or no one will ever know what happened “In the Time of Man.”

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Bush’s Brain – How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presedential

“Bush’s Brain isn’t a hatchet job on George W. Bush. In fact, the two authors largely dispel the myth of Bush’s supposedly deficient IQ. But, more importantly, they lay bare the story of how Karl Rove may be the most powerful man in America. It’s a compelling story told by two veteran Texas journalists who don’t need a briefing packet to understand the men they’re writing about.” —Philip Bruce, KCET/PBS Television, Los Angeles
The most powerful individual in the United States may not be George W. Bush. It is probably Karl Rove, the President’s brilliant advisor. Who is this man and how did he acquire so much power? Having watched in awe for over fifteen years as they reported on the rise of Karl Rove, Moore and Slater expose the brutal and sometimes morally questionable, but invariably effective ways in which Karl Rove?and America’s political system—actually operate.

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The Architect – Karl Rove and The Dream of Absolute Power

In The Architect, James Moore and Wayne Slater, the bestselling authors of Bush’s Brain, return with an even more penetrating examination of Rove, his sweeping agenda, and the price he may have to pay for his audacity. Drawing on their decades-long study of Rove, they provide a rarely seen view of the politics of absolute power in Washington—how it is acquired, expanded, and turned to startling ends. Specifically, they unveil how Rove:

• Used lobbyist Jack Abramoff as a cat’s-paw to manage unruly legislators

• Energetically led the antigay marriage movement while protecting a family secret that made his stance bizarrely cynical

• Turned Christian churches into a gigantic vote delivery system, despite privately admitting to being a nonbeliever

• Repeatedly leaked information to harm political opponents, making him the man investigators most wanted to talk to when they began probing the Plame affair

• Was intimately involved in an international disinformation scheme to lead America to war

The Architect is an eye-opening and frequently shocking report on the maneuverings of a brilliant but morally ambiguous political strategist, and the first-ever in-depth look at a political operative striving to absolutely control the future—even if he risks losing everything.

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The Rembrandt Bomb

Justin Schott, a former CIA operative and now president of his own art recovery company has been asked by the government to investigate a rumor that a terrorist group is trying to steal an unknown collection of great masterpieces to finance a nuclear weapon. To complicate matters, a drug cartel is also reportedly trying to acquire the same collection. Dr. Colleen Pendleton, an expert in post Renaissance art joins Justin and together they tract the collection from Herman Goering’s war time horde of stolen art to modern day Germany. Along the way they end up battling ruthless men who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. The chase spans four continents and six countries and has a surprise ending that will leave you wondering, could this actually happen?

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Bush’s War for Reflection

A news-breaking exposé of the Bush administration’s rush to war, from the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Bush’s Brain.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes account, veteran journalist James Moore reveals how the overthrow of Saddam Hussein was a key goal of the Bush administration from the very beginning-and a critical component of the president’s reelection strategy. Drawing on high-level sources inside the administration and the military, Moore weaves together a multifaceted narrative that probes the political underpinnings of the administration’s push for an Iraq war, exposes efforts during the war (and after) to manipulate perceptions of U.S. military success, and contrasts it all to the ultimate price paid by soldiers duped into believing they were fighting for a just cause, not for political gain.

Moore takes us inside strategy meetings at the White House and the Pentagon, revealing the political calculus behind critical military decisions. He examines the administration’s unprecedented efforts to control an d withhold information, including in-depth discussions with Joseph C. Wilson, husband of Valerie Plame, the CIA operative allegedly exposed by Karl Rove. Moore also gives us an uncensored view of combat in Iraq, reporting opinions of a senior Air Force source and troops on the ground; he shows how the war’s first American casualty actually died, and reveals what really happened to Jessica Lynch’s unit.

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